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What is Beginning Experience?

The Beginning Experience International Ministry offers programs for those who have lost a spousal relationship through death, divorce, or separation.  The programs are designed to help those suffering losses to work through their grief and pain.  The trained volunteers offer support and encouragement of hope for the future and a new beginning in life.  The ministry is rooted in the Catholic faith tradition and serves all who wish to work through their loss, whether from a different faith, tradition or one without religious beliefs. 
Many couples who experience loss, grieve one of the most traumatic losses a person can know.   Which, may result in unbearable feelings of loneliness and grief.  Many people who suffer the loss of a spouse, often feel left out by their church, they are uneasy around married friends, unsure of themselves, and uncertain about their future.
Beginning Experience Team Members are a group of volunteers who have experienced similar losses, are trained within the program guidelines, and help guide individuals through the classes that Beginning Experience offers. 

Mission Statement

Beginning Experience International Ministry programs and peer ministers serve those grieving the loss of a spousal relationship so they can move forward in life loving God,  themselves, and others.

Beginning Experience, Int'l 2023


…a grieving people, healed, transformed, and free again to love themselves, others, and God.
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